I focus on three basic phases of health

Symptoms, whether physical, mental or emotional, indicate a problem somewhere within.

Addressing a symptom without addressing its cause may give temporary relief, but does not allow a real return to health. By addressing the underlying cause, CF-EA allows our systems to rebuild their natural state of health.

By recognizing and addressing the connections between our many systems, and between physical, mental and emotional health, CF-EA treatment addresses all these aspects at once. Clients often experience not only relief from the symptoms that brought them in for treatment, but improvements in other areas as well. Improved sleep, clarity, and overall sense of well-being are among the most common.

The best time to treat illness is before it manifests. Many healthy people benefit from periodic acupuncture treatments, particularly at the change of seasons, in order to clear blocks and maintain vitality and immunity. In periods of high stress or transition, treatments can be helpful in staving off old habits.

Health is not simply the absence of illness - it is a spectrum of well-being. CF-EA provides excellent support for personal growth and for anyone seeking a better sense of balance, purpose, clarity and overall well-being.

Acupuncture is recognized as effective in the treatment of:
carpal tunnel syndrome
digestive disorders
geriatric issues
low-back pain
menstrual cramps
mental distraction/ difficulty focusing
myofascial pain
osteoarthritis pain
panic disorders
skin conditions
stroke rehabilitation
tennis elbow